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About Fotowalla

When God made humans,he gave them eyes to view,live and encompass the moment then and there. But what about the days after the moment has passed ? There , we come into being to capture and enliven the feelings, the memories once again and for ever. Established since 2011, Our work is not just a job but a passion for us , to immortalise the events, the moments , the experience and the bonds we create .

We are Professional

We enrapture you with the best of photography mingled with the best of creativity. Our style of photography is completely unmatched. Thus to provide you with the best of memories for your life and beyond and enhance the beauty of those possessions of yours.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Life is a beautiful commemoration of memories accomplished with love . Nothing can compensate the beauty and emotions attached with the reminiscences spent with the love of our life , our better half .

Because happiness is a choice which requires effort at times . And that effort flourishes out to become extravagant bond of love when both the hands get entangled to become one .

Pre-wedding photography , a beautiful trend , set to make the love birds relive those beautiful moments of their life , over again . For them to look back to those cynosure of life , before stepping up into the new phase of their lives .

we have professional pre-wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar to fulfill your needs. We capture the trends, the styles, hues, designs, and colors. Using all latest inventories, we capture quality pre wedding moments of yours.

Each and every step would then after be together . For lives ahead . Till the end . To new start of seeing each other fall and pick each other up . Moments treasured for the entire score of life .

Thus , here at THE FOTOWALLA , we make sure that our clients feel back that charm touched by the aura of love , with every click , making those memories a storage of love and emotions for the entire life .

As of all your smile matters to us the most . Till the start to end of your big day . We take the responsibility to pen down the most beautiful fairy tale . We believe in treasuring the your assets .For the beautiful bond you have dwelled up with your love . Because you are not our clients but you mean family to us .

Fashion Photography

From the yellow of the summers to the green of the rains . From the blue of the winters to the red of the springs. We capture the trends , the styles , hues , designs and colours. From the texture of the fabrics to the categories of the attires we shall arise your love for yourself . The leather that kisses your feet to the bangles that adore your hands , from the tie that makes you handsome to the watch that makes you classy, from the dupatta that makes you beautiful to the studs that makes you funky , we present you will all the updates . And thereby we shall make you fall in love with yourself a bit more every season with our photography.

Candid photography

Some moments that aren't posed yet feel the quench of getting clicked,to store of as a memory for the entire life, so that Whenever you look at them, eyes get tentalized, memories and the whole venture flash in as the most beautiful journey. And that's how candid photography comes from.

It is capturing the slightest moments, that aren't precised. May be an adorned gestured or any a part of the life,when the face precasts gloominess .A moment captured with all uncouncious warrant, brings out every possible reminiscence portraying a beautiful still , stolen from the world .Its an extra ordinary art to adorn memories ,at any place,at any time.

Well, as of all weddings are a bulk of memories and happenings, candid photography is scraped out best there. Natural by character, spontaneous by art. A natural candid photography adds a special charm by capturing all these moments. And thus our team, because understand what moment mean to you and we truly feel privileged to capture those.

Here at FOTOWALLA we assure you to provide the most beautiful experience thus by making your big day a charismatic fairy tale , for you to cherish all your life

Why are we the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar and outside?

It is said that Marriages are made in heaven but we are the witnesses on the earth.

The cupid works to bring them together and we work to capture their moments of being together. It is not just a legal assurance given to the bond of the couple but the celebrations of a new beginning. And here we are to encompass all the feelings of the bride , her family , the groom, his family, friends and all the new relationships.

Fotowala being a leading wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar offers you best wedding photography that will remain forever as a memory of yours. If you are looking to capture the beautiful moments of your life with the latest innovation and experienced architecture, contact us today! We are just located close to you and our services are extremely affordable.

From the glitter of the earings to the clink of the bangles to the sparkle of the eyes of the bride and groom, from the curves of their smiles to the beauty of their special day that is what we capture. We account to each minute details with utmost sincerity and compassion . For our work is not just famous in our city but it has spread it's glory outside it also. Our work observes precision and creativity . Our fame lies in your experience. And thus our endeavour is your happiness.

Professional Photographer in Bhubaneswar,Odisha

We take you down to welcome you with the best of experience you would have never seen before . And thus we assure you with the best of experience stamped with the best of memories. A moment captured with all uncouncious warrant, brings out every possible reminiscence portraying a beautiful still , stolen from the world .Its an extra ordinary art to adorn memories ,at any place,at any time.

We even promise you with the best of services , in terms of sketching out the wonder memories of your life as photography , cinematography and all sorts of craftsmanship . With the most dedicated team we assure you an experience like never before.

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